reading in the time of Covid 19


THE HEBREW BIBLE Robert Alter Hardbound $89.95 $125.00

My copy of Alter’s The Hebrew Bible was sitting on my doorstep this morning despite the fact that I clicked the “no-rush” button on Amazon.  When I first got interested in Alter my brother suggested I buy the entire collection instead of purchasing it piece meal. In retrospect he was completely correct.

I ended up realizing that the only way to get access to Alter’s Isaiah is through his complete version.

Besides my lovely wife and extended family, I have been spending time with some fascinating, wonderful people.  I have been reviewing Chopin’s Mazurkas and remember why I like them so much.

Also spending time with the Bach Goldberg Variations.

I am so lucky that the piano and keyboard have such a wide repertoire of fantastic literature. It feels unending to me.

Incomparable Things Said Incomparably Well: Emerson's ...

I also spent some time reading Emerson and Whitman today. In fact writing about this stuff makes me want to leave the blog and go get some more reading in.

Our day to day routine in the time of Covid 19 is not too bad. This particular collection of people is just thoughtful and quirky enough that it’s working. So far.

Literary Criticism of Giovanni Boccaccio | Literary Theory and ...

I read Boccaio’s intro to his Decameron last night. This is good plague reading for me.

The Decameron – The Medical Significance Outweighs the Sexual ...

Time to go read.


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