Rambling over my first cup of coffee

One performance of Bye Birdie down and two to go. Last night went fine. Tonight, Eileen will attend and I will get her perceptions on how this show is going. From where I sit in the pit I can’t see anything on stage unless the actors are very far down stage. As of night before last, I can hear them. The monitor is turned up very loud and the actors are wearing mics into which they shout their lines. This makes sitting in the pit uncomfortable. But the dang sound people don’t seem to be able to turn it up and down successfully so the director asked them to just leave it up. My ears are ringing this morning. Great. More hearing loss for the old rock and roller.

I listened to a few Randy Newman tunes yesterday that are in his anthology that I don’t recognize. Unfortunately, these tunes didn’t hit me as hard as some of his other works. I begin to suspect that he suffers from the typical writing too much syndrome. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer writers to produce less and better work. Probably Newman feels compelled to produce a bunch of stuff for one reason or another. Anyway, I wasn’t impressed with “Baltimore,” “Bleeding all over the place,” and “Burn On.” (note that I am working my way through his printed anthology alphabetically and am still on the Bs….. Napster doesn’t have everything I want (sooprise sooprise). And I am impressed with songs like “Louisiana,” “Marie” and others. I think I basically like his “Good Old Boys” CD. This may say more about me than him.

I do think he is a good writer.

The first violinist at Grand haven is also playing at solo and ensemble tomorrow. He is doing a violin solo and a sax solo. I asked him what sax solo he is doing. He replied, the second movement of the Paul Creston. I don’t know this piece but I have heard of Creston. He told me the piano accompaniment is “insane.”  He is very interesting. I would like to get know him a bit but haven’t found much of an opportunity. I worry too much about being the old guy. When I was younger I would pump him for stuff like what he listens to and if he’s writing music. Now I know that I’m a bit scary to young people. And can’t imagine how a young talented man like this perceives my interest (is this old guy gay or what? is he having one of those adult vicarious moments? eeeeyew…. )

My own point of view is so eccentric. I figure I probably have something in common with young high school musicians. But at the same time I question so much about institutionalized approaches to music that are ahead of them (college, whatever). Not sure my input is all that helpful beyond some musical stuff.

Over analyzing again. I need more coffee.

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