Rally report

Just got back from playing at Centennial Park for the anti-Global Warming Rally. No mayor. There were people, though. A lot of Lutherans from Peace Lutheran where I was the musician for a while. Their pastor was one of the main organizers. I was kind of surprised they asked me because I’m pretty sure this guy doesn’t like and might even blame me for stuff I did at that church.

Jon and I played really well. We practiced for about hour beforehand and then we went over and pretty much nailed the three songs we played. There was a mic that buy diazepam sweden worked and a clip on that didn’t. It was really really cold. My hands were too numb to finger pick.

I was very happy with the way the songs went. I’m trying to do “Naked Boy” and “Elephant” with a bit more energy and it definitely came together.

The crowd wasn’t paying too much attention because they were organizing group photos at the same time we were playing. Mark the Lutheran Pastor dude apologized to me later. No biggie at all.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera. Oh well.

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