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I’m running behind this morning. After doing dishes and making coffee, I started looking for an old Hosanna I wrote a few years ago to use this Sunday. The choir rehearsed it last night, but the office couldn’t find a copy to put in the bulletin. After searching around for a bit, I did find it and email it off.

Today is full day for me. I am meeting with my boss, Jen, the acoustic consultant for the organ project, Dawn Schutte, and the Architect, this morning. The meeting is slated for 9 AM but Jen was clear I didn’t have to be there that early. She is meeting all day, on and off, with leaders for this project. I got out of most of the meetings because I have rehearsals all afternoon, including an extra one with a bass clarinetist I am accompanying Saturday at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival.

I think I am doing a bit better, depression wise. Yesterday Eileen was glum and low energy all day. Maybe it’s a system thing and my depression tinged her a bit. That’s probably far fetched. My blood pressure keeps edging downward slowly.

After the Fact – The New Yorker

Jill Lepore reviews The Internet of Us with an eye on the current madness in our election process.

The Trump Campaign Gives License to Violence – The New York Times

I guess I’m a stereotypical liberal in the eyes of reactionaries. This editorial outlines the situation clearly and accurately.

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