quick thoughts on Tuesday morning in Holland Michigan


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Eileen has agreed to help me pick out some new clothes. I desperately need white shirts for work. The ones I have are getting too worn. I will look at suits as well probably. It helps to have Eileen along on these trips. Both of us are not excited about clothes shopping. I also need new shoes but that will have to wait.


After lunch I am planning to take my organ music and shoes and force myself to go to the new Music building at Hope and see about practicing.

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Yesterday I put in a couple of hours at Rhonda’s church. Her instrument is a three manual instrument which is the basic organ for a great deal of organ literature. I am grateful to Ray Ferguson for teaching me how to adapt literature to smaller and/or inferior instruments. But working on a three manual was helpful in understanding some of the music I am learning more clearly.

There is another organist besides Rhonda who practices at her church. She practices on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I would like to have at least two places to go and practice. it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to accommodate three organists for some practice at Rhonda’s church.

Rhonda and I will probably get together tomorrow for some chat and possibly for me to listen to some of the pieces she is working on. Organists do this sort of thing. it is very helpful to have a pair of organists’ ears out in the room where you are performing. It is also flattering that Rhonda continues to connect with me despite my local outsider status.


It is this status that makes me dread going to Hope’s new Music building.

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But I am determine to leave no stone unturned in terms of finding instruments to practice on while I have no organ at my church.

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That’s all I have time for this morning.

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