quick post before a long day


I don’t have much time to blog this morning. I got up a bit late and need to get moving since today a friend is coming to help me move shelves. There are seven shelves in the room we are going to convert to a first floor master bedroom. I have managed to empty about four of them preparing for today. The books are crammed upstairs waiting to then go on shelves. I keep my books in alphabetical order by author generally. So I am temporarily losing the ability to put my hands on a book when I need it.

For example this morning I was reading in Charles Van Doren’s A History of Knowledge. He mentioned Marshall McCluhan’s book Understanding Media: Extensions of Man. He said it was one of the most important books in the 20th century but is little read now. I knew that I had a bunch of McCluhan, but couldn’t remember if this book is one that I had read. Fortunately, the M’s were still in order so I was able to grab a copy and take a look.

Nope, I haven’t read it. But now maybe I will.


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