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Another busy fruitful yesterday. Eileen offered to help me at church so after hitting the Farmers Market (vendors waving and saying, “See you next year!”…. hmmm guess they’re not coming back), we went to church and worked. We sorted a year’s worth of unsorted choral anthems for an hour (didn’t finish, but found the hymn arrangement I need for today), then I photocopied several anthems and Eileen collated them. Then she helped me set up the music area for ┬átoday (2 choirs and instrumentalists plus the baptism partly takes place in the music area as well) I tried to limit her time there to two hours so as to ┬ánot take advantage of her good nature but it was a bit over when we adjourned for lunch.

Then she happily got to blowing leaves around with her fancy leaf blower. I went grocery shopping, then back to church for organ practice. Home to treadmill. Whew! Even with the time change it feels early to this tired old guy this morning.

My cat, Mischief, is probably failing. My niece, Emily, keeps offering advice on how to keep a dieing cat alive. I will probably go get baby food today if Mischief is still with us after church. This morning I tried to get her to take some chicken broth and bread. She barely stirred. I felt a little like I got a reprieve this morning because I got up to go to the john last night and noticed she wasn’t quite dead and neglected to pet her. So this morning I got to stroke her a bit so I could feel like I had said good by in a nice way.

I finally have the rest of the year planned for the choir. We will be doing several easy anthems that should allow us more time to work on the 3 choruses from Corelli’s Xmas cantata I would like to do. I also ordered some more interesting contemporary organ compositions from Wayne Leupold’s catalog. Plus a copy of Calvin Hampton’s bio for myself. I am reading an interlibrary loan copy. I rationalize that Hampton did some very interesting programming of organ literature and it would be handy to be able to refer to them.

I am enjoying the book.

I need to stop and collate some Corelli.

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  1. Steve,
    Do you have a published “bio” of yourself? Or have you published any of your church organ music? It seems to me that you have a tremendous set of credentials. I am always impressed by your analytical approach to your art. Your music library is one that many in your field would be envious.

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