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This evening I am planning on my 5 PM martini. Scott Anderson (Hi Scott!) shared the following video with me and I’m planning to sip and view it.

Earlier today I decided to use that Masa Tamal flour I took out of the freezer yesterday.

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After poking around, I decided I could basically use it like cornmeal. This recipe looks like the one I like to use fromĀ Vegetarian PleasuresĀ by Jeanne Lemlin.

I cut up a chicken breast and sauteed it in oil and fresh garlic and made a carnivore tamale pie and a veggie one using that masa tamal flour measured exactly as Lemlin calls for in her recipe.

We were chatting with Sarah in England when it came out of the oven and I “shared” theses pictures with her.

This is the veggie version.

And this is the carnivore version.

The white is the chicken. Mine tasted excellent and Eileen said hers was good.

Then I made myself a fruit salad which turned out very good.

I think the fresh mint works very well with the citrus and fresh grapes. My life is good.

Eileen and I chatted with Sarah for over two hours today. Lucy was rambunctious and kept demanding Sarah’s attention. Eileen and I were both reminded of having little kids and trying to have a phone conversation. You know. Last century.

After chatting Eileen and I walked to the Evergreen commons and walked on the treadmill. Now we are both tired and I’m going to have my martin. Stay tuned.



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