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I spent the entire day yesterday preparing for the choir party in the evening. I did manage to get the house clean and straight.

Had a chance to chat with lovely daughter Sarah while I emptied and refilled the dishwasher (Hi, Sarah! My BP is down this morning in case you were worried, heh). I went to church to prep for this morning. I also grabbed hymnals and 8 copies of an anthology of Christmas anthems I recently bought at Bibles for Mexico for 50 cents a piece.

Then stopped off at Meijers and grabbed more stuff for party. Came home and made bruschetta and little salami sandwiches. The bruschetta toast was still hot as guest began to arrive. The evening seemed to go well. After eating and drinking and talking for a while we settled down to singing hymns from the little Willcocks anthology I purchased at the thrift shop. Then we sang from the African American Hymnal, Lift Every Voice and Sing. People seemed to enjoy it. I kept dropping out from the piano and letting us sing a capella.

Yesterday I found a descant for “Brightest and Best” in the files at church. I looked at it and decided it sucked. I got up this morning and wrote a new one. I also put a descant by Erik Routley (for “As with gladness, men of old”) ┬áinto Finale and printed both up already this morning.






Off to church in a bit for Epiphany.

2 thoughts on “quick epiphany post

  1. Are you freaking kidding me? You found Carols for Choirs 1 (and 8 copies, at that) at Bibles for Mexico for 50 cents a piece?? I am so jealous. What a find. Do you go often, or was this just a lucky strike? Did the books have a church name stamped in them?

  2. The books are stamped “Zeeland Christian School, Music Department.” I go once in a while, but I always check for used music. It’s surprising what I sometimes find. One of the sopranos in my choir asked to buy one from me, but I just gave her a copy. Lots of good solid stuff in those books.

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