quick blog with no pics so Eileen can have the computer


Eileen got up an hour earlier than usual this morning worrying about our insurance. Or should I say she got up resolved to work on it today. We had breakfast and played Big Boggle. Now she is waiting for this computer so I’m going to do a short blog.

I don’t have too much to say (believe it or don’t). We did find a $10 drill yesterday at a used tool store called Redemption Hardware (thank you, Rhonda, for pointing us that way!). Eileen ordered a chuck key for it for a couple dollars. We should be up and running soon.

This is good because the file I purchased is not rough enough to quickly file away the plastic end of the jack. I am considering combining this step (filing the jack so that the plectrum sits in the correct position below the string) with final voicing.

The final voicing (as you might expect) is the last step before the harpsichord becomes playable. Theoretically anyway. I am curious to see how this works because part of the process was to remove the old lead weights on each key. Now it will only be the weight of the jack that will cause the key to return to the rest position (up). It will make for a very delicate set up if it works.

I keep telling myself that if I fail at least I’m no worse off than when I had a broken harpsichord sitting in my house.

I was pretty exhausted yesterday. I skipped my 2+ mile walk for the third day in row. My blood pressure has been in the low 130s for the upper number which is pretty good. I have been following the recommendation in the article I linked and sitting still for five minutes with my feet flat on the floor, not talking, before taking it.

I’m supposed to drop off my laptop that heats up at the church today for the tech guy to have another swipe at. He seems not to want to replace the fan and keeps fooling around with other solutions. I guess I don’t mind. Again I don’t have a second laptop at this point so I’m not losing anything if he can’t fix it.

Well that’s enough for today. I want to get off this computer so Eileen can have it for the day.

How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment – POLITICO Magazine

I’m reading this article from 2014. It seems convincing in its history and analysis. We’re fucked.


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