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So, if you’re reading this on Sept 10, 2014, you probably had to click through a pop up to get here. I wasn’t sure exactly what the plugin I installed would do and thought maybe I would be unable to blog today. I did hear an interview with a guy from the Electronic Frontier Foundation who said that there slow down was not really a slow down, but a way of raising consciousness. Makes sense.

I found out yesterday that my church secretary is taking the week off. At first this threw me off a bit since I was counting on her to answer questions that might crop up when I used the church Publisher software to make the program for the upcoming AGO officer installation service. But my confidence was soon restored after spending a few hours with it yesterday and managing to make it do what I wanted it to.

I was amazed at how easy it was to put together a little pamphlet. I’m old enough that I remember trying to do this without all the tech. “Publisher” is very user friendly at least to this user and I managed a working prototype. Cool.

I also decided that I could do a matching Brahms postlude Sunday that will fit nicely with the wonderful first movement of his cello sonata that Dawn and I plan to perform. At first I wanted to do the “Tango” section of his last symphony. I have always loved that section. But I couldn’t find a premade organ transcription of it. I can play it at the piano okay. But to do it at the organ for a postlude would take some adapting that I don’t really have time for.

Instead I landed on playing the Chorale from his first symphony which he wrote in a kind of tribute to Beethoven’s Ninth. Again working from a piano transcription I think it will be pretty easy to just render this melody in a firm organ setting. That will both give me a Brahms postlude and also not create a little project for me in a busy week.

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