pre china marathon



The last few days before boarding an airplane to China have turned into a bit of a marathon.  Yesterday I had ballet class, then a funeral. In between, Eileen had some gifts arranged on the table for me. She explained that this was the best day to celebrate my birthday which is actually Monday.

I arranged to meet Rhonda to go over the program for Monday evening’s AGO installation at 2:30. I had about an hour off before that during which I rested and practiced piano. Eileen and I went over to the church around 2 to get started. Eileen has had experience with Publisher software and had proofed the service so far. By the time Rhonda arrived we had corrected a lot. Rhonda had some further corrections and info. We finished this project and returned home.

I rested then jumped on the treadmill. I was still treadmilling when our friend Barb Phillips arrived. We all went out to CityVu together to celebrate my birthday. After two martinis I was relaxed but exhausted. Whew!

Today I need to prepare the bulletin information for the Sunday after I come back, Sept 28th. I am meeting with my piano trio people at 10 to rehearse pieces we plan to perform at Rhonda’s party tomorrow. I have a 3 PM Wedding to play and need also to prep for tomorrow morning’s Eucharist.

In the meantime, I am trying to think through what I need to take with me to China. The short answer is as little as possible, since Eileen has packed bags full of gifts for Alex, our new granddaughter. Once again as I look towards travel i am grateful for the devices which allow me to take along books and access to the internet.

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