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Saturday went much better than I thought it would. Eileen spent the day with me which was very pleasant. We dropped in on Mom. Although her face looked more battered than I was expecting and she was in bed, she was more responsive than she has been. Elizabeth and Jeremy put up pictures of Alexandra my grand daughter onto WhatsApp daily. I loaded them onto my laptop so they would be a bit bigger than they are on a phone screen for Mom to look at. She seems to enjoy this every time I do it.

The good news was that Mom had tested positive for a Urinary Track Infection. This means that her recent personality change is most likely the result of this infection and not (as I feared of course) a loss of faculties. 

Mom hasn’t been reading, so there was no need for me to collect  her books from her apartment and return them and get new ones. Eileen and I ended up having lunch together at Panera.

Then while I did my Saturday prep for Sunday, Eileen sorted and filed music in the choir room.

I barely remembered that they were burying two members of my extended family yesterday. I hope those events went well. In both cases I had lost touch with the dead men and didn’t feel the need to plan a road trip to either funeral. But I am sorry to see them go and hope their families are doing okay.

Landing on a Comet, a European Space Agency Mission Aims to Unlock the Mysteries of Earth – NYTimes.com

Spacecraft on Comet Drills for Data as Its Power Fades – NYTimes.com

I have been following this story. It blows my mind that we have the tech to land something on a body going 40,000 miles per hour. It makes me think of landing something on a bullet which of course goes much slower.

 Millions Due in Back Pay to Dancers at Manhattan Strip Club – NYTimes.com

As an old former bar music, I’m glad to see this. Also another example of tech:

Rick’s, which is a few blocks from the Empire State Building, kept track of the dancers’ comings and goings with an electronic fingerprint scanner. That system provided indisputable evidence of the hours many of the dancers logged at the club, she said.

His Subway Listeners Venture Above – NYTimes.com

Busker takes audience to a better venue. Cool beans.

Yazidi Girls Seized by ISIS Speak Out After Escape – NYTimes.com

I cannot understand this. Terrible.  Slavery condoned by the state.

150 Years Later, Wrestling With a Revised View of Sherman’s March – NYTimes.com

Dr. Cobb said he had sensed a shift in attitudes on his university campus in Athens, east of Atlanta.

“You all the time run into college kids who don’t know which side Sherman was on — and their parents and certainly their grandparents would be aghast to know that,”

Pierre-Laurent Aimard Plays Bach at Carnegie Hall – NYTimes.com

Although I find myself less and less attracted by long definitive performances, this review is fascinating to me.

Decades of Neglect Show Starkly as Indian Schools Cry Out for Repairs – NYTime

This stuff leaves me speechless. How do we as a country continue to allow such shameful stuff?

Harry Pearson, Founder of Absolute Sound, Dies at 77 – NYTimes.com

I was surprised to read Pearson’s later evaluation that digital recording was improving. Who knew?

YouTube Music Key Is Introduced as New Rival in Streaming – NYTimes.com

YouTube pushes into paid content. I wonder how that will play out.


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