podcasts and where should the choir stand


Once again I find myself adjusting my morning routine. I have skipped Finnegans Wake and Greek to blog. But before this, I listened to the “On the Media” Podcast.

I have been using an Android interface that I find very confusing. It’s called Podcast Addict. The problem may be that I began with too many subscriptions and then had trouble weeding through to the ones I wanted to listen to at any given time.

So this morning after doing the dishes and making coffee, I sat and listened to “On the Media” on Podcast addict and downloaded a different podcast app to try called Podcast Republic.

So far it seems a bit cleaner and easier to use but as I say that might be because I now know which podcasts I will be more likely to use (Reading Finnegans Wake and On the Media are the main ones).

After this I played through today’s anthem many times, thinking about interp and trying to make sure I can accurately double voices on the piano.

I had a bit of an insurrection at the end of Wednesday rehearsal. One soprano pointed out that standing in the aisle in front of the choir area is not working. We are blocking the aisle and parishioners insist on wading through the choir disrupting them while singing.

I find group problem solving in a choir rehearsal disrupts the rehearsal procedure and as usual did not respond to her other than to acknowledge that she had a point and that I wasn’t necessarily going to change.

The next day I thought about it and decided she’s probably right.

So this morning I am going to have the sopranos and tenors stand behind the piano on the stage and the basses and altos on the floor on either side of the piano. We’ll see how that works.

Yesterday Eileen went with me to church and stuffed the anthems for Christmas. Choosing these anthems took a weight off my shoulders. I have been pretty stressed lately and seem to react predictably by over functioning (up early on Sunday morning going through the anthem for a half hour on the piano).

Review: Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club Bids AdiĆ³s, With Notes of Loss – The NYT

This is a sad review of a performance of a dwindling group of musicians. It did, however, point me to a 2015 release. Here’s the YouTube playlist, however I listened to it on Spotify.

I’m knocking off now to give myself some more time to study and read before church.


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