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Man, I’ve got a bad feeling about this. In the last twelve hours, my web service provider (T.D.S. Metrocom) has failed to load pages, decided that common links are broken, and popped me into it’s own search results. Crap. Also, it doesn’t like to stream online radios as much as you used to with regular interruptions every thirty seconds or so. Just now I couldn’t even get Michigan Radio to work at all. I hope this is just some sort fluke and not something they have adjusted to monitor activity from their customers.

And every page seems to take a new addition 20 seconds or so to load. Bah.

I’m up early listening to the Michigan rain. I have hired three men and truck to help me move some stuff out of my Mom’s old apartment. I do like the rain but it will probably make today more miserable. Yesterday, I managed to sit down with my Mom and pin her down on just exactly what larger pieces of furniture she wants to move and what I can give to the local charity.

I had a nice chat with my boss. It turns out U2charist was her brain storm idea (see the previous post). Oy. Anyway, it doesn’t look like I am going to have to be the main music guy on this idea and that is my main concern. I feel a little bad because even though she was the source of this idea, I was pretty critical. She said she had in mind outreach to college age students. I pointed out that most of them were not born before U2’s the Joshua Tree was released. Hey, but what do I know? Maybe the local college students are all closet Bono fans.

Ironically, I ripped my U2 CDs to my hard drive last night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get “Rattle and Hum” to rip. I like live albums. I managed to rip Joshua Tree and Zootropia. I know. I know. Ancient history. But I still like some of this stuff.

I mentioned to my boss that I had a conversation about music with a local Gen-xer that very day. I told her I would have felt odd discussiong U2 with him in the same breath as Vampire Weekend and Fanfarlo.

I continued working on my choral composition for the Catholic composer group. I’m kind of doing an bad Arvo Part setting just for the fuck of it.

I pulled the oboe part from Bach’s BWV 84 movement 3. This is the one I hope to have performed at my church in August.

This morning I am thinking seriously of going over to the church and practicing instead of treadmilling. It’s early and it’s going to be a long day. I’m afraid at the end of the day I might not have the energy or motivation to do some badly needed organ practice. I have once again scheduled music for Sunday that I need to rehearse.

I have invited Jordan to play at my church a week from this Sunday. He sounded a bit weird about it on the phone yesterday saying that we would talk about it today. (He is one of the three men I have hired to help me move).

I purchased copies of the themes for “Peter Gunn” and “Perry Mason” online yesterday. These are two tunes my bass player mentioned that he thought would be fun to do. Also ordered a used copy of a collection of Queen tunes. Both Nate the bass guy and Jordan seemed interested in covering some Queen. What the heck.

I now have a soprano, an oboe player, a harpsichord player and a cellist (all amazingly parishioners) for the bach thing. I have emailed the best violinist I know but haven’t heard back from him. I figure he will be off doing important college professor things this August but wanted to at least invite him to play on this.

I’m off to practice.

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