piano trio, covid procedure at church, and composing myself


My piano trio had its first in person rehearsal yesterday. I went early and measured six feet from the organ on either side. This seemed to work out okay. We are rusty so it wasn’t as fun as usual. But it was good to connect with these two players.

During this period, people who come in the church are to sign in and out, use hand sanitizer on arriving and leaving, and wipe down surfaces.

Today I went over and worked on composition for a while. I’m still trying to put together a three movement piece for trumpet and organ. I have been studying African American Spirituals. My assignment today was to write a little piano sketch on By an’ By. I did that. It was satisfying. Next I want to write sketches on the other tunes I have in mind. Here are the three tunes.

By n’ By
Lord I want to be a Christian
My Lord what a morning

BLM, get it?

Anyway, I hope I don’t jinx my pieces by discussing it here. Time to go read.

Newshour – Coronavirus cases soar in the United States – BBC

My son-in-law, Jeremy Daum, was interviewed on the BBC yesterday.  He comes in around 37:47 and goes on until about 42:27. Cool, eh?


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