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How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away –

Ever since reading this article about how experts approach passwords I have been thinking about my passwords.

Several of them are highly unsatisfactory. Their nature reflects my own lack of patience with the number of them needed to function online.

This morning I was laying in bed listening to “On the Media” online and a good solution occurred to me. Use a book code. I understand that one of the hardest codes to decipher are codes that use two copies of the same book. This was part of the plot of a book I read recently.

It would be simple to devise a method to keep track of multiple passwords using one book.


One could incorporate a pattern or patterns using pages in the book. Lengthy passwords would be easy to generate. Length is important I think.

Anyway, that’s my insight for this morning.

Eileen just left for work. She discovered there were two left over pieces of baklava from our meal the other evening. Here is my evil breakfast.
Eileen just left for work. She discovered there were two left over pieces of baklava from our meal the other evening. Here is my evil breakfast.

Last night Eileen and I attended an appreciation dinner for staff and volunteers at Herrick library.

I was struck by the fact that both the pianist for the evening and the caterer were acquaintances of mine.

I know few people at the library.

The ones I did know were sitting far away from me.

Finished reading What Animal a book of poetry by Oni Buchanan. I also read part of a review of this her first published book of poetry.

I think that I’m pretty eccentric in my tastes in poetry and literature. I have now read two books of poetry by Oni Buchanan and two books of poetry by her husband Jon Woodward. In both cases I found myself losing interest in the work. I keep suspect Buchanan of consulting a thesaurus.

Whether or not this is fact the actual case, the way she uses words and ideas sometimes seem clunky to me. I was not always able to understand just what she was getting at, who was speaking and the context of the images. Probably this reflects my own orientation more than anything.

The reviewer thought she was great.

On the other hand I ran across a lovely poem yesterday on Three Quarks Daily that inspired me so much I looked up the author and inter-library loaned a book of her poems.

poem by demtria martinez

I’ve also started reading Louis Glück’s A Village Life. I own several books of her poetry and think of her as a poet my brother admires. I am finding her more understandable than Buchanan or Woodward.


Why Math is Like the Honey Badger: Nate Silver Ascendant | Cocktail Party Physics, Scientific American Blog Network

I continue to be fascinated by people’s superstitious belief in how science and math works. Facts are facts. You don’t really get to make up your own facts. If you choose to disbelieve a fact. It reflects on you not the fact. I heard Republican pundits contesting Silver’s computations before the election. I head Silver talk about how he arrived at his numbers and he was clear and coherent.


‘The Fractalist,’ Benoit B. Mandelbrot’s Math Memoir –

Speaking of math and science, this memoir looks interesting to me. Too new to inter-library loan. But I have it in mind to look at sometime, if not read.


When Is a Mandate Not a Mandate?

2004 Electoral College map. 286 electoral votes = a mandate.

286 electoral votes = a mandate.

Interesting take on use of this language about the election. I especially found Krauthammer’s inconsistency satisfying since the few times I have listened to him speak he seems rabidly polemic and relatively content free.

2012 Electoral College map. 303 to 332 electoral votes = not a mandate.

303 to 332 electoral votes = not a mandate.


In Syria, Missteps by Rebels Erode Their Support –

Some interesting on the ground reporting in this article.


New York Subways Find Magic in Speedy Hurricane Recovery –

Also an example of top notch coverage of a fascinating set of events.


Wixom, Mich., Shooting Suspect Is Arrested –

Looks like they got the guy who was shooting up I-96 in northwest Detroit. Good police work!


Californians Say Yes to Raising Their Taxes –

Once again Californians lead the way for the nation. I support taxes because I support governmental services. Like FEMA. Like building roads and bridges. And especially education.


Let’s Not Make a Deal –

Krugman is definitely my kind of thinker. Us soft headed liberals stick together.


Can the Federal Reserve Help Prevent a Second Recession? | The Nation

William Grieder is another dude I have read who has helped me understand stuff. Notice this article sounds many but not all of the same notes as the conservative business community. Who’dah thunk it? Right there in the communist rag, the Nation (the digital version of which I subscribe to)


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