pacing my old body

I slept in until 7:20 this morning. My ballet class begins at 8:30 so I only had to time to grab a cup of coffee before heading off for class.

Last night’s rehearsal went for four and half hours. Which is actually shorter than most  of my evening rehearsals last week. I was feeling pretty good all day and didn’t pace myself like I”m going to have to today.

I have two more weeknight rehearsals and then performances begin. It’s going to be a tough schedule, but I was expecting this.

This Sunday at church is Christ the King. It also will be Telemann Sunday.

Amy the violinist and Dawn the cellist in my trio have kindly consented to performing the prelude and postlude with me which are pieces by Telemann. This greatly takes the pressure off having to do these things solo. The choir is singing a little movement by Telemann. Good solid stuff.

CPE Bach, son of J.S.; godson of Telemann

I checked yesterday and verified in Spitta’s bio of Bach that Telemann was CPE’s godfather. Cool.

I have been using the Tangos I prepared for ballet class in both my advanced and beginning class.  They’re not called for every time and never more than a couple per class. I purchased mp3s of the group I used as a resource for getting some Tango chops. I like their sound: [link to]

Franz Schubert

I also have been branching out doing new Schubert waltzes in class.  When I first seriously studied piano with Richard Strasburg as teacher, he assigned me some of these waltzes. They are simple and Schubert wrote them to be danced to.  He wrote literally hundreds of them. Some of them are quite charming. I am glad to reel them off for ballet class. Lovely music, really.

After class today, Eileen went to the local college coffee shop (Lemonjellos) to have breakfast but there were not tables. So we opted for Southside Inn. Another local business which appeals to older people. They also have free wifi. I do like being able to connect up in different places.

My $30 phone died. This time I remembered that we had an old nicer Samsung that Eileen used before we upgraded to the silly T Mobile hotspot (this is an option where  you pay the company more money and they give you a phone which will connect to the network via your ISP. We did this because T Mobile has such poor coverage right here in our house.)

Anyway, I felt very high tech when I switched the SIM card from my dead phone to Eileen’s old phone.

I’m sitting in my living room exhausted right now trying to build up some energy to go practice organ.

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