organs and books with the grandkids

Managed to get permission to practice at the local First Baptist church in Corona. Nicholas my grandson was still asleep so I treadmilled. He was up after I finished. I invited him to accompany him and he accepted.

The organ was an electric, a Rodgers. I still used it to demonstrate for Nicholas who had apparently never seen even an electric organ up close. He seemed pretty interested. He is a polite quiet little boy.

Later in the day, Eileen and I took all three grandkids to the annual bookstore visit. We give them a price limit. Then they pick out books for themselves. I usually choose an additional book or two for Nicholas. Yesterday I also chose a couple for Savannah as she is getting to the stage that she reads for fun.

It was a graphic novel adaptation of Macbeth for Nicholas and Mrs. Pigglewiggle and a cool monster book for Savannah yesterday. When I asked Savannah if she had read Mrs. Pigglewiggle she replied it was her favorite book. So we found a different volume of Mrs. Piggleworth’s many collections for her that she hadn’t read.

Later she confessed that her copy of Mrs. Pigglewiggle was very worn and falling apart. I almost wished I had bought her a new copy of that volume.

I can’t remember the title of the monster book I bought for Savannah, only that it was about famous historical monsters like Grendal and the Loch Ness Monster. [Update: Monsterologist above] It turns out that Nicholas had a copy. It seemed to please Savannah to get her own copy. It had fold outs and lost of interesting pictures and information.

I bought myself the latest Granta magazine. Wow. 17 bucks for a magazine.

Eileen spent all her time helping the kids and didn’t buy anything for herself. I forgot to call the piano technician yesterday. Hopefully I’ll remember and call him on my cell sometime today. We are planning to spend the day at Seaworld.


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