oops, jupes fucks up again


Daughter Elizabeth arrives on a plane today. It will very nice to have her around for a while. The picture above is taken in Italy, near Rome, in February of this year. I pulled it off her Facebooger page.

As I was finishing up my blog yesterday, my laptop went crazy. It began inserting unwanted links in my finished blog. I looked through the code for my blog and couldn’t find how the computer was inserting them. I checked with my phone and these links were not actually published. Uh oh. Sounds like malware/adware.

I was at a loss. I texted my daughter in the UK because I had managed to remove a cookie on WordPress that allows me to preview my blog (this seems to be working today). First I told her what was going on. She was at work of course and wasn’t able to respond.

I decided I would take it up the Geek Squad which is what I did.

They charged me $200 for a year maintenance subscription. I really had no choice. Plus I think I’m lazy. I knew that I could do a computer restore. But I wasn’t sure how to remove the viruses.

I did tell the geek dude that last time I used them they charged me a ton and had omitted a very simple work around solution and did NOT fix the computer. He said they do things differently now. Right.


My daughter Sarah (the UK one) did text me. She advised purchasing a Mac. Heh. I’ve never been fond of Apple so that’s probably not going to happen. Plus they’re expensive and one pays for sleek design that doesn’t attract me. Her significant other advised getting Spyware Terminator.

Oops.  It’s free.

I like this pic because the guy  looks like a young me.

Right now I’m working from the desktop.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Eileen spent the day with her Mom. She decided that she will do this on Fridays. I think this is pretty cool since one of the reasons we ended up in conservative insular buy cheap valium 10mg West Michigan is so she could be close to family.

I have been babying my arm. I miss sitting down and playing piano but I think this is probably wise.

Thinking about my scheduled prelude and postlude for Sunday I remembered there was some tricky pedal parts in one section of the postlude (“Triumphant Gladness” based on “Come, Ye Faithful Raise the Strain” St. Kevin by Alice Jordan).

One doesn’t use one’s arm when pedaling on the organ, right?

Then I remembered that organ technique is much more still and less muscular than piano technique in general.

So I decided to experiment and rehearse only the music for this weekend. That went pretty well. I am experience much less pain and gaining some facility with the arm. It feels fine right now.

I used the Kindle Chrome plug in that will export pages to one’s Kindle to read the paper while I exercised yesterday. That worked.

So life continues to be good.  Added bonus I get to see one of my daughters today.

Three Things Conservatives Wrote This Week That Everyone Should Read | ThinkPro

I love it that ThinkProgress (a liberal web site I follow) is publishing links to pertinent articles by people they disagree with. As it says in this article, they are not seeking out conservatives to tell them how right they (the dang liberals) are.  Instead they are trying to understand where their ideological foes are coming from. This sounds healthy to me and so necessary in this day age of echo chamber information sources.

I think I’ll close this blog with a quote that struck me this morning in Robinson Jeffers’ poem which is a tribute to Woodrow Wilson Jeffers wrote right after he died.

Jeffers imagines a dialog between Wilson and “It,” sort of a death ferryman kind of figure.

When Wilson in the poem protests that death must not ask him to endure failure in life, he points out that “Visionless men, blind hearts, blind mouths, live still.” This reminded me of many if not most of the current crop of politicians and judges.

Happy Saturday.

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