I was rereading the instructions for refurbishing my harpsichord yesterday when I realized I had misread 3/64ths to mean 3/16ths. Thereby I had over shortened every jack  in the instrument. Oops.

Eileen toyed with the idea of rebuilding the base of the jack with epoxy and resanding it. Instead I think I’m going to just order another set of unfinished jacks and basically start over.

Eileen remonstrated with me about posting on Facebooger about this.

I told her that when one stumbles at a psalm tone (as I had done last Sunday) in front of a group of people, one is used to public failure and that I wanted to let some people know who are probably aware of the fact that I am trying to get my harpsichord back.

I’m blogging late again.

I managed to sleep in a bit which was good. But this takes away some of my morning time. I have already made coffee, read in Finnegans Wake, and done some Greek. I’m skipping some of my other morning reading to do this blog.

I have had a few requests to continue posting music videos on Facebooger.

Originally I had a challenge do so for a week which I had ignored until the woman who gave it to me bugged me in person at church last Sunday. Then I complied thusly:

Day 1 Can’t Feel My Face – Walk off the Earth (feat. Scott Helman)
Day 2 Glenn Gould 1/4 Goldberg Variations (HQ audio – 1981)
Day 3 Post Modern Jukebox Give It Away – ’60s ‘Austin Powers’ – Style Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover ft. Aubrey Logan
Day 4 Roomful of Teeth – Shaw: Allemande (1st mvt) from Partita for 8 Voices
Day 5 Silentó – Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) 
Day 6 Vera Hall Trouble so Hard
Day 7 Snarky Puppy – Lingus

It’s ironic that I have a few people bugging me to continuing doing this, since I myself work so hard to find ways to find new music. But it’s also flattering. I will probably post more music videos more often, if not every day.


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