on the road home and a dream


Today I head back to Holland. It has been a good time away. If nothing else I have changed my routine for a couple of weeks and had time off site. This morning the first time I took my BP it was high. Then I did a shit load of dishes and it fell 20 points or so. I have a bad feeling I may need to cut back on my drinking to help with my BP. It was low all the time I was in California. I thought it might be a result  spending time with people I care about but don’t see very often. But then I reflected that I don’t drink while visiting California. Huh oh.

Last night I dreamed I was about to give a recital at a cathedral. The musician seemed to be Stephen White (from Kazoo). Weirdly in the dream, he expressed confidence in my abilities. I didn’t have all my music with me. I think Eileen was off getting my  music for me. But suddenly it was time for me to play. I asked to see the program. Oddly enough I wasn’t too anxious. I figured I would do some improvising to make up for stuff that was on the program that I didn’t have with me. When I went to the console the people began applauding wildly. The room did not seem that big, but the applause was very loud as though it came from a huge crowd. I figured it was an illusion and that there were a lot of people there. I began speaking to tell them that there had a been change in the program, but they didn’t hear me. I asked them (regarding their applauding me) “What if I don’t play good?” I looked at some people near me and there was a colleague from grad school. She said they can’t hear you. I asked her how I was to communicate. “Yell,” she said. That didn’t work either. That’s all I remember.

A Vietnamese Architect’s Easy-to-Erect Homes for the Poor – The New York Times

These are cool.

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