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When I was 19 or so, I loved taking pictures. I also wrote poetry and read books extensively. I was not a careful reader and much of what I read I now think went uncomprehended.


I also played a lot of music then. At the age of 19, I played trumpet and guitar mostly. I played a bit at the piano but mostly had acquired very little technique. This came later.


I did enjoy wandering around and taking pictures. Yesterday cleaning out a closet I ran across a couple albums of my pictures I have made. Today I am putting up pictures that date strictly from the seventies or so.


I would put up more, but it’s taking forever to scan and then upload.  I put up some stuff on Facebook, mostly for fam. These old pictures here are pictures I love but am not sure how much they appeal to other people. Perfect for the blog, then.

More stuff next time.

1.Heritage Action Advice to Boehner, Cantor – NYTimes.com

Juliet Lapidos discerns the rabid partisan approach the right is taking to not governing but attacking, attacking, attacking.

2. The Hidden Costs of Buying on the Cheap – NYTimes.com

Shoppers and merchants apparently don’t think too much about where goods come from. Upper end shops tout origins, regular shops expect you just to buy shit.

3. France Fights Racism by Outlawing ‘Race’ – NYTimes.com

Cool approach. Probably would work in the USA.

4. Trial on Guatemalan Civil War Carnage Leaves Out U.S. Role – NYTimes.com

USA involvement the elephant in the room.

5. Amtrak Upgrades Wi-Fi Service on Trains – NYTimes.com

Trains with wifi. My dream.

6. New Audit Allegations Show Flawed Statistical Thinking – NYTimes.com

Nate Silvers precisely parses the flaws in anecdotal thinking.

7. Financial Times Web Site Is Hacked – NYTimes.com

What can I say? Attack, attack, attack. This stuff makes me crazy.

8. Vision Is All About Change – NYTimes.com

Having recently had eye problems, this article interested me by talking about the neurological fact that nerves in the eye need constant refreshing or images will disappear.



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