Old dog. New trix.

Still learning about the whole teaching thing.

This morning, I decided to put some charts on BlackBoard (this is the site where students can see their grade and other info I put up). I can project these charts in the room.

As I was doing the first one, I realized how helpful the information will be to students who want to organize their thinking.

So I did a compartive chart of stylistic characteristics between Baroque music and Classical music. I will use the chart today to present the material. Then make the chart available to students online.

This is especially important to me right now because I am trying to figure out how to present material and test it in a coherent and unconfusing manner.

Due to meeting two times a week, instead of three, I have to quiz material that has been presented in the previous week. This means students receive new material that will not be on the very next quiz. I can see how that would be confusing when you are just learning.

I don’t see how to avoid it with my present schedule of quizzes and only meeting two times a week.

If I (God forbid) teach another semester and have to teach twice a week I may re-evaluate and come up with a better system.

But I do think that giving the students a bit more study aids via Blackboard is very warranted under these circumstances.

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