nothing to say and taking 289 words to say it


I was going to write that I didn’t do music at all yesterday. I was too tired/lazy/ill to go practice organ at church. The music I am playing tomorrow is not all that hard (despite the exposed measured pedal trills in the postlude, but what the heck!). But then there was that hour and a half at ballet class. This week my improvs seemed very strongly melody based. I usually make my improvs very coherent harmonically. That way I figure it should be pretty easy for dancers to tell where I am in the phrase. But melodies are probably even easier to follow.

But even when I emphasize an improvised melody, I usually do variations as I repeat it.

Today is a bona fide day off. I have nothing scheduled. I need to do little tasks like groceries and practice organ. But I can schedule these at leisure.

As I was sitting and reading this morning, the desktop computer bonged loudly. It bongs usually when someone is trying to contact me on Facebookistan or Electronicmail. I had two messages flashing on Facebook. One from my brother that my web site was working better for him today. Another from a young woman at church wondering why I shared a picture of her. This second one also had a link for me to click on. It didn’t pass the smell test. I didn’t respond and just closed the window. Looks like somebody got hacked to me.

Well as you can tell I actually have nothing to say today. This must come from extended periods of illness/fatigue/laziness. No links even though I persist in my daily internet news reading as I treadmill (which is where I get a lot of my links).

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