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Last night after supper, I realized that my body was very achy  Not in the usual old guy way, but in a body-cold way. I had a bad night. This morning I’m not too achy but wonder how this long day will go.

The internet failed me yesterday. I was trying to prepare my recommendations for Ash Wednesday and Lent for my boss. For Ash Wednesday this involved pointing two psalms (pointing is deciding how to line up each line of text with a repeated series of notes that are the psalm “tone”). I finished the first psalm, began the second. Then the internet went away.


I waited a bit then went over to church to practice. There was no one in the office any way. This means that no one would need my recommendations until today.

I figured out what I wanted to play as a postlude for Ash Wednesday (O Mensch, bewein’ dein’ Suende gross BWV622 by Bach). That was as far as I got on working on Ash Wednesday.

I have added playing a harmonized scale in all keys (major and minor) to my daily organ rehearsal. I do this in the way that Dupre recommends doing it.

Also working on hard on a little postlude by Alec Wyton. Postludes are sort of a throw away moment at my church, but I still practice them and play them as well as possible.

Wyton at his job at Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NY

This day seems a bit daunting this morning. I’m a bit light headed from tossing and turning (and aching) most of the night. I have an 8:30 Ballet Class, a 10:30 Staff meeting (not sure if my boss will want to meet at our usual 11:30 time or after staff meeting or at all),  3 PM shrink appoint for Mom, pick up a student who sings in the choir around 5:30 PM, 5:45 meal with church members, 6:45 Kids choir, 7:45 chamber choir.

After I got back from church yesterday there was a phone message from my Mom’s nursing home. Mom had gotten confused and apparently thought her Wednesday appointment was on Tuesday even though there is a sticky on her mirror with the date and time. She had been waiting for me to pick her up for over an hour. I called and explained to the woman had left the message.

Here’s another amazing poem by Natalie Diaz

If Eve Side-Stealer & Mary Busted-Chest Ruled the World


Suffolk County Still Struggling to House Sex Offenders –

Reminds me of a novel I read in the last year.



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