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My blood pressure continues to fall although it’s not quite acceptable yet. When I first took it this morning it was 149/114. Just now it was ¬†160/117. Yikes. This disproves Eileen’s theory that since my blood pressure tends to go down after I clean the kitchen, I need to keep doing that daily to help it. If these readings persist I will have to contact my doctor. Damn.

The weather has been lovely here in Holland, Michigan. The piles of snow are receding making small streams of water running to the drains. Eileen and I went to Mom’s yesterday, but we didn’t walk. We drove so that Eileen could disassemble Mom’s bed. The back of the bed has come loose and needs to be spot welded. Rhonda’s husband, Mark, has a welder and likes to do this sort of thing. He has agreed to do Mom’s bed.

We drove home and then walked to the church. It was a lovely day.

I am surprised Sanders won the Michigan Democratic primary yesterday but not surprised that Trump won the Republican one. It’s hard not to think that the hate engendered by hate radio and the far right is coming home to roost in the persons of the extreme candidates in the Republican party. It’s almost like there has been a systematic dumbing down of the popular of the USA so that ludicrous non-reasoning undisguised bigotry works better than content in luring people out to vote.

Here in Ottawa county ¬†Trump didn’t win. Instead Cruz did, who in my opinion is as crazy as Trump. Kasich beat Trump as well here. Of course there were many more Republicans voting than Democrats. There are 194,707 registered voters in this county. 83,379 voted yesterday. Republicans 60,043, Democrats 22,327. You get the picture.

For some reason in addition to my usual practicing I have been working on some Jazz tunes. I have been learning Affirmation by Jose Felciano.

I have been listening to this version. Here’s one by the composer himself.

Okay, Windows wants to update in a big way so I need to stop.

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