not so hard times in holland michigan


I haven’t quite managed to moderate my over functioning on Wednesday yet, hence today is a usual exhausted/melancholy Thursday.

Here’s today’s Facebooger video for my non facebooger friends (Hi Rhonda!)

I admit I am enjoying the discipline of passing along one music video a day via Facebooger. It’s much better for that than trying to deal constructively with ignorance and hate there. I value Facebooger for keeping me in contact with fam and a few friends. I also enjoy the wide connections available to me across my interests and disciplines.

The most interesting discussions I have either participated in or eavesdropped on have been about musical topics. These remain civil for the most part. And informed usually. One in a while I step up to the plate and make a comment.

Since I’m a bit overwhelmed this morning and need to knock off in a bit to clean up for a dentist visit, I’m stopping here and putting in some links.

Thai Man May Go to Prison for Insulting King’s Dog – The New York Times

No comment.

Evelyn Witkin and the Road to DNA Enlightenment – The New York Times

This 94 year old scientist is charming and fascinating.

Britain Prunes Silly Laws on Salmon Handling and Armor Wearing – The New York

I like the laws that are only rumors of laws like being able to urinate in public if you do so in the correct manner (see article).

Facebook: the New and Improved AOL? | John C. Dvorak |

Dvorak is always worth reading.

” Facebook is the new and improved AOL [jupe note: this is a put down]. It’s for people who do not want to get all confused by the crazy Internet. It is Internet enough for them.

If you survey many Facebook users, you’ll find a majority of them cannot, in fact, do any sort of complex Google search”

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