not one itty bitty regret

This morning I was playing through Bach’s F# minor fugue from the WTCII and it struck me that I need to spend the rest of my time on this planet doing things that I really want to do. Although, I admire the discipline and art of ballet and am pretty sure that the local people are good at it, I emailed Linda Graham a pass on it.

Also, ironically, when I got back from the grocery store today, there was a message from Erin at Grand Valley wanting to talk to me about teaching classes this fall. I just got off the phone with her telling her to tell the chair that I would be busy this fall. Same rationale as above.

Unlike the way GVSU has treated me, I resisted stringing them along and putting them off for as long as possible. It did take a bit of resisting since they have been so thoughtless and inconsistent in their dealings with my class assignments. It’s a great relief that I won’t be working with this department. Right now I feel no regret whatsoever. Not an itty bitty bit.

I did mention to Erin, that I was “wondering” what was going on with them since I hadn’t heard anything and “Danny” (the chair) had said something briefly to me at the end of last term but I wasn’t clear on it. See old post: Campus Hijinx for the story on that. Heh.

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