not much time to blog this morning


I postponed my eye doctor’s appointment yesterday as well as my Mom’s doctor’s appointment. This gave me more breathing room for the day so that I managed to do all the stuff I had to do. I had to skip exercising so that I would have time to rest for an hour before my two committee meetings.

I am amused that I who so abhor committee meetings had two back to back last night. I even led most of the first one. Today I have my usual full day of classes and stuff. I got up late so I will have to abbreviate my blog to this short entry.

1. A Discredited Supreme Court Ruling That Still, Technically, Stands –

The shameful Supreme Court ruling that upheld sending Japanese-American to concentration camps in WWII is still on the books.

2. Shedding Light on a Vast Toll of Jews Killed Away From the Death Camps – NYTimes

I didn’t know that “more Jews were killed by shooting in Ukraine” — an estimated 1.5 million — “than murdered in Auschwitz in the crematoria.”

3. William Bennett Modern features Salvador Dali- Alice in Wonderland

I also didn’t know that Dali had illustrated Alice in Wonderland.

4. America on Probation –

It fascinates me how pundits dance around the truly gigantic evil of The New Jim Crow in our country. The author of this article mentions mass incarceration and the race of many affected but he softens it for his white rich audience.

5.Paranoia of the Plutocrats –

Meanwhile the rich love to act the victim.

6. Your Next Job Application Could Involve a Video Game –

Human Resources departments utilize creative approaches to assessing candidates for jobs.

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