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Woke up at 5 Am with ideas for a trio. Managed to stay in bed for a while despite this attack of ideas. Then got up and and got to work. Just finished a rough draft of an 88 measure piece. I am calling it “Easy on the Water.” It’s scored for trumpet, sax (probably alto) and string bass. I have asked Keith Walker to play the trumpet part,

Keith Walker, trumpet player extraordinaire

Jordan VanHemert to play the sax

Jordan VanHemert, Mister Sax Man

and Nate Walker to play the bass.

Nathan the Walker and his bass

They all agreed.

Hoping this is the piece I can use for the June 25th Global Water Dance at Tunnel Park. I have to talk further with Linda Graham, the organizer of it and see if what I am writing fits the bill.

Anyway, no time to blog. On to treadmilling.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    I finally got my SONY TC-650 tape deck repaired. It only took $255.00. I have reviewed some of the master tapes on some of my music from the past and am in the process of digitizing this. Much of my production tapes were recorded on 1″ tape utilizing an Ampex 24 track machine and a 48 track sound board. This was then mastered on to a am Ampex .5″ stereo mixer and then recorded onto a SONY TC-650 which became the stereo final master. This was then sent to the vinyl press for mastering and then converted to vinyl records. I am happy to have my machine back and listen to these tapes. They cover rock and roll to Musical Theater. I hope to share some of this with you as available.

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