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I kept having trouble getting started on things yesterday. The asbestos man came twenty minutes early (7:10 AM!). I was hoping he could sort of sneak in the basement and do his thing. Nope. He began covering grates on the first floor. Eventually I understood that he would have to cover every grate in the entire house. He was surprised when I told him the previous asbestos person had not taken these extensive precautions. I also told him that my wife was asleep upstairs and that we had a cat.

Eventually we got all the grates covered, the cat safely sequestered on the porch for the day, and Eileen up and at ’em so the asbestos guy could go upstairs and cover the grates.

This of course stopped me from finishing my blog yesterday.

Eileen and I went out for breakfast, since not only was the asbestos guy there, but Chris the worker also showed up do some more stuff our contractor told him he had to finish.

So it was a day of disruption.

I decided to walk over to the college and sit and pick hymns while I waited to meet with Rhonda and Aaron.

This also didn’t work out so good. It turned out that Hope had changed its wifi campus connection (or as a student called it “The Internet”).  This caused my laptop to forget the profile. It seemed to be asking for the same kind of security key code password. I then spent the next forty minutes trying to find the stored wifi connection profiles on my laptop. No luck.

Aaron showed up and gave me the code. Then we had our meeting. Then I listened to Rhonda play a fugue on Ernst Pepping on BACH. She is preparing a program of fugues and asked me to listen to this one.

After that I walked home, grabbed lunch and then drove to the church to work on picking hymns. I took a break from that to meet and rehearse with my piano trio.

Then back to picking hymns. Around 3 PM I stopped and practiced organ. By this time I was pretty frazzled.

But my organ practice went better than expected.

This morning I got up and drove to Spectrum Health for a blood draw.

No record of my urologist ordering one.

I just called his office and left a message.

I have to pick up my Mom in forty minute and take her to her psychiatrist appointment. Eileen’s Mom and sisters are coming today to look at our toilet.


And I still don’t have all my hymns picked out for the next  year. Nor do I have the choral anthems chosen. Nor do I have the choir room catastrophe sorted. Nor do I have all of the choir room stuff moved back into the renovated choir room. All of this must happen in the next week.

Despite all of this, I am feeling a tad less stressed than I have been.

Go figure.


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  1. Why do I look like someone put the “funhouse mirror” lens on the camera for that photo? The original does not look that way! Must be “the Internet”. Or that little guy in the computer who messes things up.

    1. just pulled it off the web… no intentional distortion, although I do like the distortion and it is one of the reasons I used that one…

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