no chat for jupe today

My friend, Peter, canceled our meeting for today. A couple of his handbell players came down with Covid. Too bad. I was looking forward to chatting with him.

I dreamed about Larry Curran last night. I have not seen him in person since he left Peter and me in anger. We three had been sitting in my kitchen and I offended Larry so deeply that he got in his car and left and never spoke to me again. You may wonder what in the world I did that so upset him. From my point of view, he had been behaving in a weird passive aggressive manner and I called him on it. Even if I was wrong about this, renouncing our friendship for ever because of that seems excessive. Peter’s possible visit probably stirred up my thinking enough to see Larry in a dream. I do still miss him a little bit.

My sister-in-law’s brother has died of Covid and respiratory related disease. This is the same sister- and brother-in-law who previously chose not to get vaccinated against Covid because of a misconception of how fetal stem cells played into the research. I can only hope that the dead brother was not exposed through them. Eileen says this is not probable.

My rash continues to rage. I told Eileen that I think it’s aged me considerably. I am scheduled to see the dermatologist two weeks from tomorrow. I was hoping superstitiously that by getting that appointment the stupid rash would abate somewhat but that is not the case.

But my eyes are working very well. I can read without glasses and use them for TV and driving. Only one more week to worry about lifting restrictions then I can get back to exercising and stretching. My weight has been slowly going up, but the BP is staying low so that’s good.

I listened to most of a recent interview of Fiona Hill this morning on YouTube. You may remember her from her testimony in the Trump impeachment proceedings. She was impressive then and continues to be so. I haven’t listened to the whole interview. Hill sees the existential crisis we are in now in America. She thinks it will only be addressed by more activism on the ground and more courage in national leadership.

Good luck with that last one.

Hill has insight regarding how polarized we are now in the U.S. She pointed out how the basic identification with either the Republican or the Democratic party has permeated our society. I hope she is not right about this but it seems she is. As she points out there is so much more to people’s personality and point of view beyond a simply Red State or Blue State orientation.

Far From a Panopticon, Social Credit Focuses on Legal Violations – Jamestown

Another article by Jeremy Daum. It’s three weeks old but still pertinent. If you have questions this would be a good read. For me, it helps that he defines the social credit system in the first sentence: “China‚Äôs social credit system: directories of data inputs and punitive outputs from the General Office of the State Council.” That’s clear enough.

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