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I think I am in need of some time away again. While things are going well, my personal mental space is not terribly good. Yesterday, despite having time off, I spent a lot of the day stressed. Poor me, eh?

I did cook. I made cornbread in the morning and a nice roasted tomato pasta and pear/gorgonzola salad for lunch. Usually cooking helps. I walked to my Mom’s. Eileen stayed home reserving her energy for an evening Weaving Guild meeting in Grand Rapids. I also walked to church. Again I rehearsed Franck as well as upcoming stuff.

Haven’t heard back from the churches and people I contacted regarding getting some organ rehearsal time while I’m away this week. Oh well. Not that big a deal. The pieces are in good shape. It’s the choral anthem that needs the work.

Look Out by Wendell Berry

Stumbled across this poem this morning. It’s not a happy one, but it hit me. I like that he ends such a screed with a redemptive “yes.” I put it on Facebooger just now.

Us | United Society | We are Us

USPG – USPG Homepage

A couple of links from Diarmaid MacCulloch. I am reading the section of his book Silence: A Christian History which deals with Christian Amnesia. The section on slavery is particularly eloquent. Basically he says we have revised our own Christian history to only reflect the recent complete renunciation of slavery. Before that (and even now in the US  white supremacy groups) the Bible was used to justify slavery because it clearly condones slavery.

These two links he gives to illustrate how the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel is changing its past. At one point not only did this English Missionary society have slaves, it also had it’s own brand. None of this info can be found on the links. The second link is an archive link which shows links to information about this. MacCulloch says they have been removed. The links for more info don’t work, but I think this all interesting and disturbing.

Niemöller, origin of famous quotation “First they came for the Communists…”

Another MacCulloch link. It’s an old one, but it is interesting that the famous quote has such an unclear origin and weird history.


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