My VPN problem and “What time is it, anyway?”


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A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It fools the internet connection you are using into thinking you are someplace else. Say if you are in China which blocks a lot of internet, you try to convince it you are in Los Angeles. I used one in China.

Saturday I had to update my Windows. This involves restarting the computer. Apparently VPNs automatically turn themselves on when you restart.

I did not know that.

I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden my laptop could not communicate with my modem and my internet connection. My and Eileen’s other device worked fine.

After much fussing about with complicated fixes accessed on my phone, I called my brother. He asked about the VPN. Sure enough, that was the problem. Sheesh.

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Eileen and I are both recovering from our trip. Saturday morning, I accidentally got up at 3 AM thinking it was 5 AM. I didn’t discover this until it was about 9 AM. I think this set back my recovery from jet lag considerably.

Church went well yesterday. Eileen stayed home. I coughed all night Saturday and ruined her sleep. That and jet lag induced her to skip church. The choir was very understanding of my jet lag and subsequent impaired functioning.

I felt like my improvisations were very effective but that could have been the jet lag as well.

I have a student coming round soon. Time to get offline and do some reading before he arrives.

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