my good but boring life and an observation

Neglected to mention on Friday, that my self confidence is ebbing back as a direct result, I think, of my Thursday meeting with my boss and my trio rehearsal on the same day.

Didn’t blog yesterday because I was too busy.

Washed a third of the kitchen floor and then went to the farmers market while it dried. It was raining. I think I like the market in the rain even though I feel a bit sorry for the people who do the stands and inevitably lose a bit of business if the weather is bad.

Found enough basil to make two more large batches of pesto to freeze for my niece’s upcoming wedding. (Didn’t have time to do that yesterday but am planning to do it today). Came home from the market and left the vegetables and fruit in the car while I came in and spent another hour or so cleaning the kitchen floor and the doing the dishes and cleaning in general.

Did the bills, treadmilled and snuck in some practice both on piano here and the organ at work before Eileen came home. We drove up to Muskegon to meet her sister, Nancy, Nancy’s husband Walt and Eileen’s mom for  a low-key birthday celebration for Eileen’s mom.

My first dance class went well. The teacher probably didn’t realize how she went up in  my estimation when she informed me she had permanent “visiting professor” status because she didn’t have a  degree. She was excellent.  The college students looked younger than I expected them to.

The routine was petty much what I experience at the summer Cecchetti dance camp I play for each year.

Eileen and I had what could be our last cookout for the season on Friday evening. I roasted eggplant and Portabello mushrooms and made hamburgers for Eileen.

Today I introduce the new Holy holy to congregation. This is one of my own compositions and I’m interested to see how it goes with a live congregation. Today is kick-off Sunday which means there will be a picnic right after church.

I am planning to take a list of the people I mailed invitations before vacation and get their RSVPs in person. The invitation was to take part in an evening of music and learn the new Holy holy on instruments and asked for people to let me know if they are coming. So far about three people (out of around 40) have responded.

Choir starts next Sunday after church.  I turn 59 this week. Life is good, but it probably doesn’t make a real interesting blog entry.

I did read half of this puzzling article yesterday: “America’s Ruling Class–And the Perils of Revolution” by Angelo Codevilla on the American Spectator website (link).

Professor Codevilla writes eloquently about the history of the American ruling class but he omits (so far) the culpable military-industrial types. So far the ruling class is the liberal elite which consists of  people who have degrees but are still mostly uneducated but behave in ways that grant them entry into the ruling class (Political correctness? atheism?). I knew something was a bit reactionary about his article when he remarks that social science and humanities profs have taken over American universities.  This must be anecdotal conclusions, because I’m not really aware of this trend.

It reminds me of a comment someone made to me recently about how the economic troubles were being exacerbated if not caused by professors who don’t take cuts in salary. This person went on and said he had heard of a CEO who only took a dollar in salary last year.

Right. I did try to civilly disagree with him. When I hear remarks like this I wonder where people get their information.

Just as I wonder about Professor Codello’s observations which basically blames the troubles of the US for the past century or so on the dang liberals.

There sure are a lot of ways to see contemporary life in the world these days.  I fear that hate radio and stupid TV are not helping give people any clarity especially when they are they primary source of information.

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