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I found myself continuing to feel drained and bit depressed yesterday.

Despite this I improvised well at ballet class. Then I had a good meeting with my boss at church. After a quick lunch at home, I went back and played Mozart piano trios with my colleagues at church. This is a moment of refreshment and renewal for all three of us, I think.

After they left, I posted the hymns for Sunday on the hymn board. I inherited this task from the gentle old men who used to see to it but have died. One of my first Sundays at Grace they were posted incorrectly. The choir went ballistic and wanted me to change them. I refused saying that I had stuff to do. This happened several times until one of the older members of the choir told me he had the message (presumably that I didn’t want to post the hymns).

Since he didn’t ask, I didn’t inform him that I had no problem posting them. I just didn’t want to do it at the last minute and rob precious prep time from Sunday morning.

Now I do it routinely after chatting with the boss about the upcoming Sunday and adjusting to any changes she has made to my suggested hymns.

After posting the hymns, I rehearsed Sunday’s music at the organ. I have scheduled a very easy anthem that is most effective if I played the organ accompaniment well. So I have added it to my daily practice.

Then on my way to grocery shop, I had the frustrating experience of stopping at my Mom’s pain doctor’s office where I continued to get blocked from talking to him about Mom’s meds.

The receptionist informed me that he would only respond to a fax from Mom’s internist.

So I sat in the parking lot and called the internist’s office on the cell. Sheesh. We’ll see if 1) the internist’s office follows through on this fax & 2) if the Reverend Doctor Her Majesty the pain in the ass Pain Doctor acquiesces in her recommendation to switch Mom to a milder narcotic.

Sometimes doctors who seem to think that life needs to be designed only for their convenience (“Here dear, step into these stirrups”) and that they have a complete corner on the brains department make me tired.

After fussing with doctors in the parking lot, I did grocery shopping. To my horror, when I went to pay, I discovered that I didn’t have the regular credit card I use to pay with. Oy! I put groceries on a secondary card and came home and tore the house apart looking for the lost card.

Gave up after a while.

I made a recipe (Raviolasagna) for our supper. The timing for the oven for this recipe neatly dovetails with the time I spend on the treadmill. And that’s how I did it.

Eileen and I were planning to go out and hear the string quartet, Ethel, last night. We walked over to the college after supper to discover that we had the wrong date for the concert.

The actual concert is this evening.

Ethel Logo

But we had a nice walk in the misty evening together.


Another day in the life.


Hard to complain that much. Got up this morning and made improvised puff pastries (puff pastry spread with preserves and topped with fresh fruit). Played Chopin Mazurkas waiting for Eileen to get up so we could have breakfast together.




Discovered this site this morning. Archives of “Avant Guard all the time” (this is the description on the Poetry Foundation page where I found the link.

Listened a bit of Satie being performed live (link to MP3)and then part of a 1969 lecture by John Cage this morning (link to MP3). 2012 is Cage’s centenary.


Arizona Candidate’s English Under Challenge Р

I find the discussion of official language very interesting. Countries that border other countries often have a blurring of dominant language at the border.


Warning – The Next Sound You Hear Will Not Be Your Engine –

Marvelous. The 2013 souped up BMW M5, the sound you hear when you listen to the engine accelerating is a digital recording.


How Pimps Use the Web to Sell Girls –



In Spain, a Judge on Trial –

This judge sounds like an interesting and heroic person.


Nonesuch to Release Krzysztof Penderecki, Jonny Greenwood Collaboration March 13; Pre-Order Now | Nonesuch Records

Upcoming recording.


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