My accomplishments and errors

I’m running late this morning. I got up and made pasta salad for staff meeting today. My blood pressure has been running a bit high lately. I’m seriously considering making a doctor’s appointment as I promised her I would. Of course, it dropped this morning weakening my resolve to do this. But I probably still will.

I think my BP rise is a combination of factors. Probably I am trying to do too much. I am cutting down some of this, but maybe not enough. I know I am burned out, but I do love and enjoy everything I spend my time doing. I am not losing weight. In fact, it’s creeping up a bit (like the BP… hmmmm). Also I have to consider my age. The body does wear out.

So there’s that.

Speaking of doing too much, after church yesterday I made a handout for the 8:30 AM ballet class this morning. Julie, the teacher, asked me to co-teach a mini workshop on the relationship of music I improvise to dance combinations. I wanted to make a cool little handout with cartoons because I think they help us learn. But I didn’t really have time.

Eileen helpfully proofed it for me. I emailed it to Julie. Then Eileen and I went and said hi to my Mom. Dropped Eileen off back at home and went to church to practice a bit, stalling to see if Julie would respond. I was stalling in case I screwed something up on the sheet or she just wanted me to change something.

About an hour later she texted me it was okay.

In the meantime, I was supposed to have done some compositional sketches for today’s Noon pointe class. I emailed Julie and told her I didn’t know if I would get to this in time. She said that would be okay.

I was in a very foul mood yesterday (probably feeling failure at life due to bad Blood Pressure and other things). I was exhausted. However, at the end of my organ practice I sat down and sketched out two musical ideas for the two dances the pointe students are supposed to collaborate with me on.

Came home, exercised, made a martini and Eileen and I binge-watched “Nurse Jackie” season 1. We haven’t looked at this before so that was fun.

Church went well. I played the hell out of the Buxtehude ┬ápieces (although I’m not sure anybody noticed besides the usual choir members who have been staying through my postludes lately). The choral piece was a clever little setting by Erik Meyer with a prominent organ part that I have been working on. I pulled it off and the choir sounded pretty good.

I seem to have lost my cursor in Windows 8. I can goof around and get it to appear but then when I tap the tap pad it doesn’t respond the way it did yesterday. Good grief.

Oh, since I’m being negative (Hi Rhonda : ) ) I screwed up one of the two descants yesterday. We were doing a text from one of our hymn supplements. It used a tune from the Hymnal 82 (O quanta quanta) for which I have written a descant. I glanced quickly and assumed that the harmonization was the same and quickly made an adaptation on Saturday. It was very similar especially at the beginning. But unfortunately not the same.

I was pressed in the pregame to get everything prepared with the singers and didn’t have time to double check when an alto said that she thought her part was different. Damn. She was right. It didn’t work. I immediately went over to the soprano section (who looked like they felt they had failed) and told them about the error. My error.


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