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I installed the 2010 version of Finale, the music software I use, recently. The church paid for the update. Bless their hearts.  I have already spent a couple hours this morning reorganizing the many files I have of compositions and arrangements. I figure I’m about 1/4th of the way done. What a huge job.

Instead of reading news articles online yesterday as I treadmilled, I read in The Study of Fugue by Alfred Mann.

I continue to think about fugal writing. Mann’s book is a classic in the area and I haven’t read it before.  I was reading it on Google Books when I came to a page that wasn’t “part of the preview.” I turned off the computer and pulled out my copy to see if I could read it while I exercised. Sure enough, the type was big enough.

Ironic, that even though I own a copy I wasn’t able to access it online. Seems like if you own a piece of copyrighted material it would be fair to allow you to access it online for convenience. Silly me.

I also adapted the Hatch family recipe for meatloaf to a lower calorie version.

Then I made it.

Calories in Meatloaf recipe

Ground Beef 650 calories for 17 ounces

3/4 C oatmeal 225 calories
1/4 C egg beater 30 calorie
1/2 grated onion 32 calories
3/4 C non fat milk 68 calories
3 T ketchup 45 calories
2 T dried parlsey 8 calories
1 1/2 t salt 0 calories
1 1/2 t (1/2 T) of shortening to grease pan 55 calories

total calories 1113

Combine and bake in greased loaf pan for about an hour at 375 degrees
1/5 slice as a serving therefore has about 227 calories

I determined the calories by looking at the handy-dandy labels and also using this web site:

Calorie Count

Eileen has not tried the final product yet. If she likes it, I’ll probably post it on Facebook because I am connected to so many Hatches on it.

02 All upon the altar by jupiterjenkins


My brother asked me to email him a copy of this recording yesterday.  Our father sang in this group as a young man.  My brother’s copy of this particular track seemed to be giving him trouble, so he asked me to send him a new copy.

Isn’t the Soundcloud embed nifty?

I have been running across these little embeds and finally somebody mentioned the web site by name so I ran it down and used it. I like the way you can see the entire recording. This is the way the editing software I use shows it as well.

Both the soundcloud and the editing software are free. Click on the pics for a link.

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