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I had a very full day yesterday.  I meant to do more resting in preparation for the evening opening night performance, but couldn’t stop myself from cleaning the kitchen and doing some piano practice. I also had the usual ballet class, meeting with my boss and trio rehearsal that happens on Thursdays.

My trio rehearsal was largely chatting yesterday. I was exhausted. My cellist also has a strenuous schedule since she has a full time job at Hope College Library and also plays in the Grand Rapids Symphony which means several rehearsals and performances a week during the season.

We rehearsed the Telemann pieces we are playing Sunday then the cellist asked if we could play through an arrangement of a Gershwin piano prelude that I purchased at the college library sale for fifty cents.

We liked it so much that the trio quickly agreed to play it for the church on the Fourth Sunday of Advent for the morning Eucharist Lessons and Carols. It is a lovely thing.  It motivates me to get a copy of his preludes and look at them. I doubt if I will find one for fifty cents.

I also couldn’t resist a bit of organ practice yesterday when I should have been resting up for the evening. I have been reviving a Franck organ piece from my undergraduate study. I’ve never been wild about Franck’s music.  I learned his Grand Piece Symphonique and his Pastorale under the tutelage of the late Ray Ferguson.

It is the Pastorale I have been rehearsing.

Cesar Franck

Franck was supposedly a very gentle man. I don’t dislike his music. I’m just not attracted to it that strongly.  I recently put Marcel Dupre’s recording on my turntable and figured out that it’s not a recording or even an interpretation I like. There might, however, be an interpretation I  can come up with on my little organ that I can stand.

PASTORALE.... PASTOR AL..... get it?

Unfortunately the Pastorale is kind of long. I just checked and Dupre’s recording is 8 minutes and eleven seconds. I probably will take  that long to perform it.  I am beginning to develop a bit of affinity for it. This seems to be more and more important to me: to perform music I can sort of “endorse” artistically and personally.

I just tried to access my online Bookmarks via Diigo.

I just had the not uncommon experience of having an online web  site totally change its initial frame and lock me out. I have been using an online bookmarking system since NYT introduced one years ago. NYT dropped it and passed me on to another online system which did the same thing and passed me on to Diigo. Now Diigo has changed. I can only hope I can access these online bookmarks. Years of recipes, articles and other things.

When I went to access my bookmarks, Diigo had an video they wanted me to watch about their new wonderful (no doubt aspiring social network) services. It didn’t seem to occur to them that users want immediate access to what they have and don’t have time to discover their wonderful new improvements.


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