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Joni Mitchell - Ladies Of The Canyon - Music

I listened to Ladies of the Canyon as I took my shower this morning. I keep wondering if anyone is writing pop music to the standard of the music I heard in 70s. I think it’s a stereotype to consider the pop music you heard when you were young as better than what is being made now. If I amend that to music that I am able to find now it’s hard for me not to think it is so especially in terms of song writing/.

There is a lot of great music being made now including pop music. But I’m thinking specifically of craft.

I also know that familiarity where music is concerned is tricky. We can like something because we are familiar with it. If we take time to become familiar with music it often increases its attraction.

I wonder about the music of the 70s. It was a dark time but much of the music has hope and stringent comment in it. I think now that hope is harder.

Nostalgia is an inevitable factor and I don’t even resist. I take my joy where I can find it.

I am meeting Rhonda in an hour to play some duets and listen to her play a piece she is working on. It is good to have a friend in her. I think of all the friends I have had over the years and there are few that still connect with me. As I play the memories of friendship I realize that it did not occur to me that I would lose so many friendships. This makes the memories both sweeter and sadder. But no matter.

No reason to feel sorry for myself when my life is going so well.

And part of this fun is listening to music, both from my past and new music.

I need to quit and grab some breakfast.

If you’re thinking about the Supreme Court at all, the latest podcast from the Constitutional Center is excellent. I’ve listened to most of it. Steve Vladeck is amazing in his analysis and understanding.

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