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On Friday, I spent an hour with Eddie Bullinger, a parishioner, making the soundtrack for his stop motion video he made of the installation of the Pasi organ. This was fun! Now he will do the final edit. I will link it here when it’s public.

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Both he and Bill Bier’s assistant used a hand held recorder to make a better recording than a video soundtrack on a device. Eddie allowed me to take a picture of his. I am surprised at how inexpensive this little dealy is.


I’m definitely interested in getting one of these to make recordings with. It’s made by Zoom, the company that made the first digital recording unit I purchased (and no longer have).

It’s his nationalism they admire.

The Transformation of the ‘American Dream’ – The New York Times

This author traces the change in the concept of “American Dream” from egalitarian to financial.

Russia hacked our election because the spies took over – The Washington Post

I have’t quite finished reading this article, but it reminds me of the non-Trumpists in the above link. Paranoid nationalism is rampant in the world. I think that Brexit is largely a nationalistic movement. All of these countries pulling back from each other at the exact time we need to be repairing our world.

Randy Newman: And You Thought ‘Short People’ Was Controversial? – The New York Times

New album. I love this man. Fun interview.

 I have been thinking a lot about sexism and racism lately. I am monitoring my own actions in my relationship with Eileen. We both see me as dominant, but I am working at balancing my self a bit better in how I actually treat the woman I love.

Obamacare Rage in Retrospect – The New York Times

The distortion around issues is mind boggling. I trust Krugman (the writer).

Clarence Thomas’ legal vision is becoming a Trump-era reality.

We ignore the intellectuals on the right at our peril. See the Trumpists above.

I’m writing in the afternoon on Sunday. I wasn’t happy with my postlude today, but sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you. There, however, some fun musical moments in the service including some singing from a small community.

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