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Discovered that the digital New York Times subscription does not include its crossword puzzle. I wonder if that will  raise the likelihood that fewer people will do crossword puzzles. I know in my case it is just a mild annoyance that I can’t do the puzzle without paying an extra 40 bucks a year and completely kills my own motivation to do New York Times crosswords which admittedly was pretty weak anyway.

When I google “free online crosswords,” I get over 5 million hits. Hmm.

I was pleasantly surprised to read on Susan Tomes blog yesterday that she also sees Mendelssohn as a sort of classicist. I wonder if this comes from the fact that we both like and play the D minor piano trio and other piano works by him (she’s a pianist).

I’m about halfway through Sensation by Nick Mamatas. I propped my netbook up on the piano last night at auditions and during the inevitable “hurry up and wait” periods read it. Very funny.

Not sure this “book trailer” makes much sense if you don’t know that the book is about wasps and “spiders” taking over bodies of people and animals.

Ratko Mladic: The West’s failure to confront Serbia prolonged the violence. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine

Interesting background on this dude.


One Set of Study Data, but Many Translations –

Some practical illustration of how one communicates results affects people’s reaction and actions .


A Conversation With John Paul Stevens – Bill Barnhart – National – The Atlantic

I think this retired Supreme Court Justice’s upcoming book might be a good read for history and court fans.


A Good Night’s Sleep Isn’t a Luxury – It’s a Necessity –

Jane Brody strikes again. I own and frequently consult several of her nutrition/cookbooks.


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