more “intro” than “extro”


Last night was the AGO potluck. Eileen didn’t go even though spouses were invited. The evening was pleasant and people seemed to be having a good time.

I come away from these kinds of social events vibrating with snippets of conversation and impressions.


These continue to rattle uncomfortably in my brain. I often rehearse conversations I participated in and wince at my own inanity and possible insensitivity.

I file all this under the fact that I am painfully aware of misimpressions I can give people and also that I probably am more “intro” than “extro” vert.

These painful recollections make it difficult for me to relax and rest.

This is all exacerbated by my lingering burnout.

I tell Eileen that I am basically happy. But that little annoying things become amplified by my burnout.

Then I tend to fixate on them. But there’s nothing in my life that I would necessarily want to change. I just need a vacation.

One of those moments that kept echoing in my head was a discussion with a member of my choir who is also a member of the AGO. In the course of discussing an anthem I had to cancel, the chorister said that he noticed that I never complain about the challenges of working with the ever changing numbers in the choir.

I guess he doesn’t read my blog, eh?

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  1. Thinking of your choir member who says you never complain about the challenges of ever changing numbers in the choir, I am reminded of a staff meeting I had two weeks ago with my Christian Ed staffer. In it, she told me that I am the most positive person she knows. Leigh and I decided afterward that, if that’s really the case, this person needs to get some new friends… Seriously.

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