monday musings

I don’t have to much on my mind today but I want to keep to my resolve to do some regular writing here as daily as possible.

Today would have been my Mother’s 95th birthday.

I think about her and my Dad often.

They are often in my dreams. Literally. Plus they seem to stare back at me from the mirror.

I continue my daily reading and piano playing. I’ve added reading Chaucer aloud recently. This is fun and it’s surprising what reading aloud does for my comprehension of the Old English.

Today I spent some time with C. P. E. Bach, reading in his biography by Ottenberg, reading his letters, and playing through a few of his Prussian Sonatas.

I also did some clearing of my study in preparation to turn it over to Elizabeth, Jeremy, and Alex for their Thanksgiving visit. I worked on it today so that I would be sure to have tomorrow free for Eileen’s and my weekly foray to the shore. Eileen has also done some clearing of the music room upstairs as well which has a bit more room if they opt for that. At least there’s room for a harpsichord up there now.

Wednesday I am due at the dermatologist. My rash continues to abate, but it is nowhere near completely gone. I am interested to see what the doctor decides on Wednesday. The med I have been using is not recommend for use beyond 14 days. Tuesday will be my 14th day of application I think.

I did end up subscribing to the Atlantic magazine, but digital only. It would have cost me only ten more dollars but I don’t really want more magazines to dispose of after use.

Eileen and I have been watching old Alfred Hitchcock movies. So far we have watched North by Northwest, Marnie, and Vertigo. I find the old movies so much more satisfying than most things made for screens these days. I especially appreciate Bernard Hermann scores for all of these. Movie and TV music usually makes me a little crazy and at the least distracts and/or annoys me.

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