Monday morning…. Jupe the old man is tired but happy


I listened to Rhonda and Brian’s concert yesterday. It was flattering to be included. They played well, but the sound is not so good. The balance at the beginning of the “Lord I want” obscures the trumpet line. But I’m not complaining. I’m embedding the video to begin at my piece but I recommend the entire recital especially  “Flatus II.”

Reading the comments makes me think that the sound might be attributable to how I listened to it (on my Roku TV).

I got up this morning and wrote two different versions of a hymn text we might use for our opening hymn on Advent I, II, and III at Grace. I did a riff on the hymn written for Jen: “People of Grace.” I tried to combine it with some Advent ideas and used “Lift up your heads” quite a bit. I’m curious to see what Jen thinks about it.

The Sunday service was gratifying to me. We finally played the Bach we have been working on and pretty much nailed it. Lovely stuff.

I need to plan next Sunday’s music but I’m a bit burned out today.

Here are some limks.

I lived through a stupid coup

Jeremy endorses this particular article, but I don’t. I found it a bit hysterical and shrill. However the following link is more helpful to me.

The Coup Stage of Donald Trump’s Presidency | The New Yorker

As far as I can tell, Samarajiva (the author of the first article) is neither a trained journalist or historian. Also, he’s publishing on which according the site “Anyone can write on.” Masha Gessen, the author of the second article, is someone I admire.

The Historical Record Shows America Was Founded Against Racism

This is an example of the bullshit being promulgated by The Federalist Society (who brought you our present extreme judiciary). It is factually inaccurate.


This is an amazing organization that tracks wars.

Factually: Global fact-checkers find strength in numbers – American Press Institute

American Press Institute and Factually. Resources to learn and stay sane.


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