Monday in Michigan



Yesterday music went well at church. I was slightly disappointed in my piano playing on the Mozart. I failed to nail one tricky section. This is unusual because it’s usually the tricky sections that I rehearse in depth and then end up nailing. I remember in my immediate prep rehearsing one tricky section but feeling that when this section returned in the recap it was sufficiently similar to not rehearse in depth. Wrong. Ah well.

The string players, however, played well. The Purcell anthem which also involved them went well. Attendance was down due to the snowstorm. My boss was out of town, but the curates rose to the occasion of their first Sunday in charge and did well.

I met with a parishioner after who is going to play congas on an upcoming Nigerian anthem.

Eileen and I walked home in the snow. ┬áKaren Goldstein part of our extended family (Jeremy’s step Mom) had arrived safely from Chicago. We all chatted for a while. Of course Alex was the main attraction. We all went out for a nice meal. Afterwards I visited my Mom and practiced organ.

The weather was too bad for Karen to drive home last night so she graciously accepted our offer to spend the night. It was fun meeting someone whom I had heard so much about.

Today I’m up early getting ready for a day of ballet.


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