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Church went very well yesterday. I was happy with my playing. It was a little challenging to perform the Handel organ concerto in its entirety. I had it in my fingers a couple weeks ago to perform for the AGO chapter meeting. I didn’t put the same intensive preparation in for yesterday’s performance. However, it went well.

The choir sounded very well on our anthem.

I’m writing in the late afternoon. I went to the eye doctor in the morning and the allergist in the afternoon. My eyes are getting worse. The optometrist told me I was a candidate for cataract surgery whenever it got to the point I judged my eyesight bad enough to do so. It’s not too bad yet. He also drastically changed my prescription for lenses. I ordered two glasses this time. One strictly for driving the other for reading, and conducting.

The allergist had a few more tips about avoiding stuff that might make my rash worse.

Fascinating, eh?

Eileen and i watched half of this video yesterday.

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I have read McChesney’s Rich Media Poor Democracy some years back. I learned a great deal from it. .

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And we watched all of this one recently

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We used Kanopy to watch these. I am finding Netflix and Amazon Prime cater to tastes very different from mine. I think that they have things I would l enjoy viewing. I’m just not in the targeted audience so browsing on them is not all that fruitful. I keep telling myself I’m going to use my laptop to find better stuff to watch on these two but I keep not messing with it. Laziness no doubt.


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