missing edison and some new music

Eileen has left to spend the day with our friend, Barb Phillips, in Kalamazoo. She is sure to enjoy that. I love living with her but a day alone is usually a good thing for me if they don’t come too often.

I’m still processing Edison’s death. I find myself listening for his meow. The routine for me to is to get up and feed him first thing. Then I spent the rest of the day trying to keep an ear out for his meow since he has been living in a confined area in the basement. There is some relief mixed with grief. In this case, the relief is not having to factor in his care if we leave town.

I chatted with Stephen Rumler yesterday when I went to pick up my congas. Then last night I had church dreams about people who have not been in my dreams for a while. Sheesh.

I loaned Elizabeth my nylon string guitar and a bunch of songbooks yesterday. It was good to see her and Alex. I think my stock with Alex rose a bit after we spent time playing with the marimba and the harpsichord. She also favored us with a dance as she sang her song of nonsense syllables. This was quite charming to me. When they were leaving she hugged and kissed me twice. This is new behavior.

I admit I am blogging to get it out of the way so I can leisurely read and practice for the rest of the day. I have been having some thoughts about composing again but so far haven’t succumbed. This morning I listened to some of the albums recommended on the All Songs Considered podcast.

l liked these people. I stopped listening to the podcast to put on music of 2021 they were recommending. I was surprised to enjoy it. Cool.

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