Miking issues

When I play today at the anti-Global Warming rally, I want to play my accoustic guitar and sing. As usual, I have concerns about how I’m going to be amplified. The people organizing this have little experience around these issues and are renting a PA that sounds primitive.

I’m not even quite to the point of wondering whether the sound will be good. I’m mostly wondering if they will be capable of miking my guitar.

Jonathon wisely is bringing his electric. I suppose there will be a place to plug things in. I meant to put my outdoor batteries through a test this week but didn’t get around to it.

I do not want to play electric because I have been working on accoustic versions of my songs. It gives them a nice rhythmic sound I like.

I won’t be playing too long today. Originally they said twenty minutes. There are two other acts.

I’m expecting everything from four people in the audience to more than a hundred.

It’s cloudy right now in Holland. My weather page says it’s 33 degrees and feels like 29 degrees. Maybe it won’t warm up enough for me to play and I won’t have to worry about miking issues.

Eileen is going to a Hatch family shower today. She will be gone most of the day.

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